Scene: Trader Joe's earlier today. An older man - mid 60s, I reckon - is standing behind the wine sample counter, an open bottle in front of him. I walk up.
Me: "Oooh! Samples! Can I have some?"
Him (scowling): "I'm gonna need to see some ID."
Me: *complies*
Sister: *hands ID too*
Him: *pours two cough-medicine-measuring-cups of a very bold red*
Me: *tastes* *starts to comment*
Him: *scowlscowl*
Sister: "Hmm."
Him: *looming, scowling*
Me, to guy: "Thanks!" *turns to walk away with a half-thimble remaining in the cough-medicine cup*
Sister: *follows*
Him: "You gotta stay here to drink it."
Us: "Oh."


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