My Favorite Things: Undo Send

Today's favorite thing is a simple one: the Undo Send feature in Gmail. It's only available on the desktop version of the service (not on your mobile app), but even with that limitation it's incredibly useful. Basically, it presents you with an "undo" button for about 10 seconds after you click "send." That way, you have a short window to decide if you really meant to send the email you just dispatched. If you realize that you goofed, you just click Undo and the email is never sent.

In the interests of leaving you fully informed, I should explain that it's not a true undo button. What's really going on is that Gmail pretends to send it, but waits ten seconds before actually sending so that you can change your mind. In other words, this isn't like stealing the email out of someone's inbox - it's like having a Jeeves who holds on to the telegram patiently waiting for you to say "On second thought, I shouldn't tell Aunt Agatha that she reminds me of a Cossack."

To turn this marvelous delight on: go to the settings menu (little gear icon in the top right corner), scroll down, and check the box that says "enable Undo Send." You can tell Jeeves how long to wait using the drop down menu. And there you are!

Every Thursday* is "Favorite Things" day, where I bring you a short recommendation of a product or service that I have found useful and/or helpful. Unless I say something, I'm not paid or compensated in any way for the plug. I just do it out of the goodness of my heart. 

*This week's installment is a day late. Beg pardon; I'm on vacation.

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M A Hansen said...

First off, I'm a fan of these "Favorite Things" posts. Second, and more to the point, I needed this earlier this week...except for my yahoo account. I'll put this at the top of my list of reasons to switch to gmail as my primary! :)