A proposition is not the same thing as a proposal

So there's this guy who, every so often, comes into the restaurant where I work. He's a friend of the owners, and he gets his food for free, but he doesn't really speak english. This makes it hard when I'm taking the orders, but I smile and use my 3 words of spanish and we usually get his order right.

But tonight, as I was picking up the indoor seating area, he had other things on his mind besides food. In his fractured english, he asked if I lived with my Mama and Papa. No, I said, they are in Albuquerque.

You all by yourself? No, I live with a roommate, a friend. Here.

You have babies at your house? No, I only have one sister, all grown up.

But you. You have babies? I laugh, No!

But por que no? Oh, I laugh again, Lots of reasons ... ....

He looks at me and smiles "Una noche!"

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Daniel Foucachon said...

Wow! Isn't the restaurant business colorful? If you want to see a really colorful portrayal, read the book "Waiter Rant."