Iron Man 3 (B)

What you really need to know: Iron Man 3 is better than 2, not as good as the original.

Comments, in no particular order, after the jump.

  1. Guy Pearce is really good at being evil. He's also just really good, and I loved watching.
  2. Speaking of which, this almost seems like it could turn out to be in the same universe as Prometheus. Not really, but the character motivations were so similar.
  3. I really, really, really liked seeing Tony on the run with the kid. That was terrific. He was refuting Cap's jab from the helicarrier - take off the suit, and he's still totally capable of dealing with the bad guys.
  4. It did NOT help that they cast William Sadler (crazy colonel from Die Hard 2, anybody?) as the president. I didn't trust his weaselly little face. 50 years ago, the fact that he was the president would have been good enough reason for Stark to consider his life the supremely important one; now, though, you can't take that kind of loyalty for granted.
  5. The fun of #3 was totally undone by the "House Party" protocol at the end. Costume-hopping, every imaginable suit, etc. etc. It got very boring.

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