Environmental activism is the religion of the areligious, the opiate of the atheists. Complete with scientist-priests, the Darwinian origins myth, an eschatology in pessimistic and optimistic flavors, and even quasi-levitical codes (thou shalt decrease thy carbon footprint), it offers a way for modern rationalists to attempt to assuage their guilt.


Women are pictures. The church is a woman, and so women portray the church. Similarly: If Man's relation to Nature is one of loving dominion, like the relationship between husband and wife, then it is important for wives to portray the true relationship of Nature to Man as they relate to their husbands. i.e. not adversarial, and congenial to knowledge.


The problem with classical philosophy is that it isn't true preparation for death. If death is a permanent sundering of soul and body, it makes perfect sense to detach oneself from bodily existence. But 'credo in carnis resurrectionem.' . . . . The reason Christian martyrdom is so powerful is that we, like the widow with her two mites, lay down what we value highly -- the life of the body.

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