Brett Favre is Egotistical (Scum)

I never thought I'd live to see the day when I would title anything I wrote "Brett Favre is Scum." But when a man quits his job, is asked back, and refuses, he should stay home. He should honor his word. He shouldn't appeal to the regulatory commission to force his old employer to hire him back.

I loved watching him play. I've never seen a Green Bay game that Brett Favre didn't start, and I cried when I heard that he was retiring. I couldn't imagine the team without him. But I, like the rest of the fans, decided that it was time to move on. We knew that day would come.

That is what makes me so mad. He strung the Packers along until after training camp started. He let them go ahead with Aaron Rodgers; he let them prepare all summer for their first year without him. And then, in a display of ego to beat Terrell Owens, he demanded to be brought back.

I loved Brett Favre. I don't want him to be a Jordan-esque grasper, unable to leave but unable to play in his final years. He should have stayed home. He should go home now.

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Virginia said...

YES! But I must admit, I'm shocked, shocked to my foundation I tell you, to hear you say it.