Rundown of Break:

Spring break. For many, a time to show some assets on the beaches of far-off exotic places like Cancun or Florida. For me, a time to help remodel the restaurant, get a Country Redwood spray tan courtesy of the deck stain, and drag myself home exhausted every night. That doesn't leave a whole ton of energy for anything, so I've been watching YouTube. A lot. Here are my recent discoveries:

How To Tie A Bow Tie
because I've always wondered . . .

Feist -- 1 2 3 4
it's so fun!

Will Ferrell in "The Producers"
I watched the old version, and started finding all the clips I could. The new one looks terrible, except for this bit

Brush Up Your Shakespeare
watching The Producers also started me on a broadway kick, but I couldn't find a better version of this song than from the movie

Stephen Colbert pays tribute to Brett Favre
in my grief, this was a shining beacon of solace

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Ruth said...

heh, for me break means serious math catch up and serious horse catch up. Second is great, first eh, thankfully I have a very enthusiastic teacher.