O Fair ::cough:: New Mexico

2008 is the last year of the Mint's "50 State Quarters" program, and we're finally getting around to New Mexico. According to the official page of the New Mexico Quarter:

The New Mexico Coin Commission, appointed by Governor Bill Richardson, solicited and reviewed approximately 1,000 concept submissions from state citizens . . . On April 24, 2007, Governor Richardson announced his recommendation of the "Zia Symbol over Topographical State Outline" design.

The Department of the Treasury approved the design on May 25, 2007. The other three designs considered were "Zia Symbol over Textured State Outline," "Textured Zia Symbol over State Outline," and "Zia Symbol over Textured State Outline," with the Zia symbol marking the location of the capital, Santa Fe.

We're so creative down there.

Incidentally, our state motto is also "Crescit Eundo", which literally means "It grows by going" and is generally rendered "It grows as it goes."

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Tricia said...

Hi Melissa, I stumbled upon your blog after reading your comment on the Bayly Blog (David is my pastor) and I noticed that you are going to school in Moscow and I was wondering if you were at Ui or NSA (or some other school in the area). Now, my family recently moved to Idaho and I'm planning on moving out there eventually and transferring to UI...